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RIM leaks Blackberry Curve Touch (9380) and Bellagio (9790) screen details in developer blog

RIM has outted two of its new Blackberry smartphones in its developers blog – revealing the screen spec behind the the Blackberry 9380, aka Curve Touch and Blackberry 9790, codenamed Bellagio.

The article on details an important update to the screen size and resolution of the two Blackberry OS 7 simulators advising developers on how to optimize their apps for the new platforms and more importantly gives us tech-fans something official following the rumours surfacing about the Bellagio and Curve Touch.


Firsty the Blackberry 9380, which is said to feature a 480 x 360 pixel resolution in portrait mode and of course these stats switch for the landscape view. The aspect ratio for the landscape mode will be 4:3 and 189 pixels per inch will be displayed. Previous speculation is confirmed that the Curve Touch will feature a screen measuring only 2.4”. We’ve also heard that this model will come along with a 1.2GHz CPU, 8GB of RAM and NFC connectivity.

The devblog also reveals that the Blackberry 9790 will features the same screen resolution as the 9390 – 480 x 360 for portrait and those specs flipped on landscape, only the Bellagio’s screen displays 245 pixels per inch on a 2.44” screen. This diminutive model is said to come with an 800MHz processor, 1GB of RAM and is NFC enabled.  

We’ve hardly inspired by what we’ve read here it’s not the good news we’d have hoped for from RIM following the recent upsets with the Blackberry Messenger service which was crippled for several days last week. Read the Gadget Helpline’s latest coverage of that news – Here.  

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