RIM and Porsche Design to announce BlackBerry Knight 9980 next week?

What’s this? It looks like Research in Motion and Porsche Design have been sending invites out to a rather special sounding media and press event for next week!

What could the two companies have in store for us? Well, we think we might already know. Last month, a mystery BlackBerry smartphone appeared online on several forums, and it soon became well known in the tech world as the BlackBerry Knight 9980.

This BlackBerry looks unlike any other. It has been described as the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in a futuristic case. It has the same sized screen and a QWERTY keyboard, but each key is split into two smaller keys, giving a dual function and removing the need for the alt key.

It runs the latest BlackBerry OS 7 from what we’re told, and also packs a 5-Megapixel camera with LED flash and shares other features with the Bold 9900.

From the image above you’ll see the name ‘PROCEEDING’ written above the screen. Back when the phone leaked in September, our eagle eyes spotted that the font used was very similar to the Porsche font. We thought “could Porsche Design have created some sort of uber BlackBerry for the swanky rich types?”

It looks as though we could have been right in our estimations, as invites to an exclusive event hosted by BlackBerry and Porsche Design have appeared.

“Be part of something truly exclusive” the invite reads. Perhaps this futuristic new BlackBerry will be exclusively available to Porsche owners?

We’re told by the invite to expect to see an exclusive collaboration between BlackBerry and Porsche Design, so we could be bang on the money with our expectations.

The event kicks off next Thursday, so stay tuned here if you’re a BlackBerry fan!

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Via: TechCrunch