RIM reveals QWERTY-sporting BlackBerry 10 developer prototype ‘Dev Alpha C’

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has revealed a new prototype phone running BlackBerry 10 that will be doled out to app developers in the near future.

Unlike the Dev Alpha and Dev Alpha B phones that the company has shown off already, the forthcoming Dev Alpha C phone will sport both a touchscreen and the classic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. Although a prototype purely for testing applications on, this phone is expected to closely resemble the first ‘N Series’ BlackBerry 10 phone that will launch to the public next year.

The Canadian company revealed the new phone during its recent BlackBerry Jam Asia event, although unfortunately there are no images of the phone itself just yet. RIM wants developers to sign up to its program and start making apps ready for the launch of BlackBerry 10 next year, and wants to give away the phones to help make sure apps run smoothly on two types of phone.

The Dev Alpha and Dev Alpha B both represent the ‘L Series’ model that RIM will launch in January next year, which has a slim and sleek design with a large touchscreen. Developers have been using these phones to test apps for a couple of months now, and soon they will get the opportunity to see if their apps work on BlackBerry 10 phones that also feature a hardware keyboard.

Developers can apply for the phone now, and the top 1,500 applicants will be put to the top of the waiting list for one. Devs can earn points based on how much they’re willing to put in to BlackBerry 10 – the more points you have, the more likely you are to get the phone. For example, if you have an Android app already and you get it ported to BB10 you’ll score 50 points. If you develop a Built For BlackBerry certified application you get the most points, which is 1,500.

We’re excited to see what the Dev Alpha C looks like, are you? Let us know if you’re excited for BlackBerry 10 and whether you’re going to go with L series or N series!

Via: CrackBerry