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Samsung confirms Android Jelly Bean upgrade dates for Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Note

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Samsung has confirmed when it will begin the roll out of the much-coveted Android Jelly Bean upgrade for phones like the original Galaxy Note (N7000) and the Galaxy Ace 2.

The Korean manufacturer confirmed that the upgrade would hit a host of phones a while back but has left users in the dark regarding dates, or even a vague time frame. We heard from plenty of Ace 2 owners who are excited to upgrade to Jelly Bean, so it’s good news that Samsung will begin bringing Jelly Bean to that phone starting April 22nd.

The original Galaxy Note will catch up with its successor on Jelly Bean on March 1st, adding a host of new features including the latest search software, Google Now. The full list of Samsung devices getting Jelly Bean and their respective upgrade dates are as follows;

  • Galaxy S Advance (GT-I9070) – February 18th
  • Galaxy Note (N7000) – March 1st
  • Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) – March 3rd
  • Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160) – April 22nd
  • Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (GT-P6200) – April 22nd

The information was posted up by Samsung Ukraine, and so it’s likely that these dates will apply specifically to that country. We would expect other European countries to follow suit shortly after that, with SIM-free phones going first, as is the norm.

If you purchased your phone through a network you’ll likely be waiting a little longer to get the update, as networks will go through a testing procedure before signing off the update to be sent out to customers.

Either way it’s good to finally have some solid time frames for the Jelly Bean update. Are you excited to upgrade?