Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Will Be Released in Europe

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is coming, that’s quite an exciting sentence to write, for some of you, an exciting sentence to read. It’ll be the return of the Note series to Europe following the exemption for the Note 5 and an increased focus on the S6 Edge+.

With an expected reveal date of August or September for the Note 6, we’re starting to get rumours of specs from a variety of places. We’re looking at a metal build in keeping with the efforts of the S6 and S7 handset ranges, and nice 5.8 inch QHD display. The jury is still out on whether we’ll get a bezel-less version or whether bezel-less will be standard.

Artistic interpretation of a bezel-less Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

The rumour mill has it that the Note 6 is likely to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor and if this is the case it certainly points towards a 2017 release date (however speculation still suggests a September launch) and with 6GB of RAM would put it just above the S7 in terms of processing power. Package the entire thing with a 12-Megapixel Super OIS Plus Camera and a 4000mAh battery and you’re left with a veritable beast of a phone.

Now, these are just rumours, but looking at the current state of things and seeing as Samsung were the pioneers of bringing the “phablet” to the forefront with the previous iterations of the Note brand, we can see this being close to the mark.

Another idea of what the Galaxy Note 6 could look like – perhaps a little far fetched?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was sorely missed here in Europe whilst going on to sell 75,000 units in the first three days in South Korea alone. With the mentioned specifications we can see the Note 6 making a similar splash. Alas there are currently no official images available of the Note 6 as we imagine Samsung is keeping them under wraps until reveal day, but there are a variety of mock-ups out there from diehard fans of the S-Pen and the legions of Samsung users with digital art skills, they’re certainly worth a look, we can’t see them moving too far from the S6, S7 style however.