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Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Still Feature ‘Physical’ Home Button

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A Korean tech site has revealed that Samsung’s anticipated successor to the best-selling Galaxy S3 smartphone will please those mobile users who like the satisfaction of pressing a physical home button.

Contrary to previous rumours suggesting the Samsung Galaxy S4 would do away with the functional button built into the hardware, which has been the standard for all previous generations in the range, the web source informs that earlier leaked photos were bogus. It states that the device will indeed include the clickable button allowing Android smartphone users to usefully and quickly flip back to the main home screen at any time.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘Leak’ shows no physical Home button.

The report also tells us that the inclusion of a Stylus or S-Pen, the likes of which comes included with the most sizable sibling in the Galaxy range – the Note II, will not be coming with the SGS4, as was speculated. Instead the touchscreen is actually said to feature a ‘non-touch’ gesture, and with the inclusion of physical home button you probably won’t even need to put your grubby fingertips onto the display that often – Magic!

These are another pair of noteworthy rumour revisions as we head towards the Galaxy S4 launch in March (with sales starting in April) and once again shows that when it comes to speculation surrounding Samsung’s popular devices the rumour landscape can shift at a moment’s notice.  Gadget Helpline will of course be following all the latest plot twists as we head towards the big announcement.