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Transport Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 anywhere.. on your bike!

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A carrying method for your tablet when you’re out and about on your bike seems like a great idea. But wait until you take a look at this ridiculous design.

Providing a not-so-safe looking transportation solution for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, this crazy creation is actually an official collaboration between Samsung and cycle maker, 14 Bike Co. and not a no-good knock-off made to cash-in on the popular brand name, as we would be inclined to guess.

We’ve got to say we’re not entirely sold on the safety of lugging your Tab while it’s hanging out in the breeze, between our knocking knees. But the holders ‘unique’ design does allow the cyclist to use the Samsung gadget while it’s attached to the bike’s frame.

Which, of course, is not incredibly useful on the move, but during a rest stop a quick glimpse at Google Maps, or similarly available Android guidance app, would be beneficial on a hardcore cycle. It’s also pretty handy for a speedy getaway if any of Apple’s men in black come to take the tab from your clutches.. 

We do think that having the much-desired Galaxy Tab 10.1 on full display is also a blatant advertisement for mugging!

The Samsung Galaxy branded bike itself, however, is the highlight of this product launch and we’d like to be seen about town on the stylishly bespoke bicycle – but not with our much treasured tab swinging between our legs.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 holder and, more importantly, the cycle itself can be bought separately through London-based 14 Bike Co. in a choice of classic black or white.

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