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SimSwap Scam Prevention Tactics

SimSwap scammers are abroad! Beware the confidence trickster. Nobody other than your network operator should need to be involved in changing your sim in any way.

As with most scammers out there, they prey on the misinformed, especially when it is tech related. Due, probably in part, to the need for more sales a lot of easily understood terms are hidden in jargon and this is where the tricksters can wait.

If it is something you are unsure about then speak to the source; with phones it is obviously your provider or manufacturer but this is the same with any device. When unsure speak to the source.

Without following this simple rule you may fall for a scammers trap. Once the scammer has access to your SIM they have many ways to appear as you via stolen identity without drawing close inspection.

Simswap – What signs to look for?

No network connectivity coupled with not receiving calls or SMS

This is the standard symptom for Simscams, don’t forget that this issue can also happen with loss of signal when travelling to unknown area.

Simswap – What you should not do?

Do not ignore any messages via text or email from your provider. Usually a provider would warn its userbase of anything untoward happening to their specific SIM’s. Always make sure to respond if required to do so by them through a legitimate source channel.

Turning off your phone is also a bad idea if you are being pestered by unknown callers on a regular basis. The scammers goal could be for you to turn the device off to prevent their actions being noticed. In both instances, contact your provider as soon as possible.

Make sure your bank account has instant alerts set up for you. These are sent via email and SMS and will let you know if anything suspicious has been noticed.

Don’t be like me and put your head in the sand when it comes to banking bureaucracy. Keeping a regular tab on things will help you notice anything untoward. Remember that once a scammer can pretend to be your device then they have access to all those apps that you can send payment through.

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