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Sky Planning to Release a Dedicated Formula 1 Coverage App for iPad

Sky has plans to release a dedicated iPad app for fans of the Formula 1 racing series, which is currently being built in time for the start of the new season on March 18th.

Subscribers of Sky HD and Sky Sports packages will be able to download the app to an Apple iPad or iPad 2 and catch up with the latest goings on while on the move.

Speaking with tech publication T3, Martin Turner, Executive Producer of the Sky Sports F1 HD Channel was coy about details, but did confirm there would be multiple F1 apps coming to the Apple platform, stating “There will be apps”, adding “One of the things that is being developed for the app is the four-way split.”

Though the four-way split couldn’t be elaborated upon, we’re already envisioning four panels offering the latest news from the season, a live feed of the race, the current driver’s championship table standings and perhaps a live feed of driver interviews from the pits. We’re getting a little carried away already, but you get the idea.

T3 also spoke with Owen Williams, Head of Projects within Sky’s Sports Division, who didn’t want to give much away: “There are certain things going on at the moment that will happen”, although he firmly stated that the company were not being purposefully secretive, they just didn’t want to count their chickens before they had hatched – which in this scenario means before Apple approves their apps.

iPad users can already catch live sporting events using the Sky Go application (which is soon to be on Android), which we would imagine will include the future F1 Sky Sports channel and content. The series of F1 apps that Sky is now teasing us with appear to be different, and could offer a much richer experience with live news feeds, video interviews and more.

What would you like to see from a dedicated F1 Sky app?

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Source: T3