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Sony Interactive Entertainment Launching in April

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It’s been announced that Sony will undergo some rebranding this April, consolidating its two main hardware and digital brands into one entity called Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The merge will see the end of Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Entertainment Network as independent companies. These are the divisions that dealt with PlayStation consoles and software and PlayStation Network content respectively.

With both SCE and SEN divisions under one banner, in a plan set to last for at least twenty years, it shows Sony’s shift in business focus and its dedication to its leading product line, the Sony PlayStation. Sony Interactive Entertainment will handle all of the company’s gaming and media properties both physical and digital, including PlayStation Video and Music Unlimited.

The news was broke on the official PlayStation Blog via Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) which is based in London and from April 1st, when the move is all finalised, will become known as Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s main headquarters and base of operations will now be located in San Mateo, California where previously the SCE held its global HQ in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s incredible when you think that the PlayStation brand has now been standing strong for 20 years, and Sony is preparing to take on another 20, with new hardware including PlayStation VR sighted just over the horizon. Sadly we will be saying goodbye to the Sony Computer Entertainment logo which graced the PS start up sequence for so many years.

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