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New Sony PS3 Move patent reveals possible update to controllers

Sony could be looking to re-design its PlayStation Move motion control system, hinted at by a recently filed patent application which shows off a range of re-designed motion controllers that show Sony is actively looking at an update to the Move system.

The patent application was filed on the 3rd of January of this year and shows off a new Move controller that will feature a bigger ball and new handle. It also appears that the new Move controllers will have swappable buttons and two controllers will be able to be combined to make a single game pad, which will be akin to a standard gaming pad but with the Move sensors on the back.

Additionally the images for the patent show that the new Move controllers will be very versatile as you will have options to combine remotes end to end to create a longer, more responsive controller (all we can think of using it for is a lifelike Dual Lightsaber battle on Star Wars!), with the patent showing a gamer using the elongated remote as a sword in a Samurai game.

It would appear that the remotes come in a pack of two and combine into a new analogue remote for gamers, but the patent also shows off the idea that you can attach the remotes to other parts of your body to play games, via some form of lanyard, we guess. In the patent’s case there is quite an unrealistic image of a gamer doing a bicycle kick with the Move controller strapped onto their hands and feet, all in the comfort of their front room!

The thing to note though is that Sony (and all major corporations) patent hundreds of ideas every year when they are brainstorming, and very few of them become anything more than that – an idea. What this does show though is that Sony is spending time and money on looking to update the Move system, so we can expect something in the future, Move-wise.