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Sony Xperia T to be James Bond’s Smartphone of Choice in Skyfall

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James Bond is a character who loves to stay well ahead in terms of tech and gadgetry, and we’ve heard he plans to use a brand new Sony smartphone in his new movie, Skyfall.

Bond is said to use the new Sony Xperia T, which isn’t in shops and hasn’t even been officially announced yet. At the moment we know the phone by its codename ‘Mint’, and know a fair bit about what it’s capable of, as well as what it looks like.

The Xperia T combines the design of the new Xperia S with the older Xperia Arc from Sony Ericsson – most notably, the curved back has been borrowed from the Arc’s design. It features a 4.3-inch 720p HD screen, 16GB of internal storage, a dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor, and 1GB of RAM. That’s plenty of power, but we’re yet to hear if the battery is big enough to see Mr Bond through his overseas missions.

Xperia Blog quotes an unnamed source who claims that Sony will be putting plenty of cash behind the Xperia T for marketing, including putting it in the next James Bond film, Skyfall. We wouldn’t be surprised if Sony has big plans to make the Xperia T the next Xperia S, in the hopes of taking on Apple’s next iPhone.

James Bond has a history of using Sony gadgets, and in particular Sony Ericsson smartphones. In his last film, Quantum of Solace, Bond used a Sony Ericsson C902 which boasted a 2-inch display and 5-megapixel camera. If the rumours turn out to be true, Q will have well and truly hooked up Bond with a sweet upgrade.

Technology moves fast, and since Bond’s last excursion we’ve seen the rise of Android, dual and quad-core processors, and cameras as good as a compact digital point and shoot. We think M is going to have to add in an extra training course to get Bond’s thumbs in shape and his mind in gear for this new smartphone.

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Image Credit: Nixanbal