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Sony’s 3D head gear gets a new look, pricing and a release date

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It’s been little over a month since Sony revealed its big plans for bringing VR (Virtual Reality) up to date, as well as an early prototype of the head gear using the latest 21st century high definition and three-dimensional tech and looking like something out of sci-fi.

Now Sony’s HD 3D head gear has an official codename – HMZ-T1 – and a new look, which is a little less X-Men than its preceding appearance, but by no means does that make it more discrete..

The new bulkier Head Mounted Display packs 2 OLED 1280×720 resolution screens positioned in front of the wearer’s eyes, thus providing total range of vision in the old VR style. These screens deliver the equivalent of viewing a 720” panoramic display and the in-built headphones provide 5.1 surround sound to complete the sensory experience. HDMI input connects the headset to TV and vice versa.

Following the CES 2011 reveal of the HMZ-T1, Sony’s Worldwide Senior Director said work was under way on “a couple of games” hinting that revivals of popular titles from the past will be resurrected on a new way to game in the third-dimension.

Sony’s Head Mounted Display as it appeared back in July

Virtual Reality had its very brief day in the gaming market with Sega leading the charge back with Sega VR back in 1993 and its influence is still somewhat present now.

Just think of some of those gaming gadgets we use today. The closest we have would have to be the motion controller Kinect for Xbox, and to some extent Sony’s own Playstation Move. But these are environments played out on a flat screen. The reintroduction of a headset, along with modern advances in 3D tech proves a very interesting prospect indeed for both game and movie fans.

Sony has confirmed that the HMZ-T1 will become available in Japan on November 11th – costing ¥60,000 (roughly £480 British).

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