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Sony’s Next-Gen Portable gaming gadget to be named “PS Vita”?

The Next Generation Portable gaming gadget from Sony may in fact be called “PS Vita” after leaked images, suggested to be promotional materials for the E3 conference next month, were obtained by Games Pundit website.

The Sony handheld, previously codenamed “NGP”, appears in the snaps looking much like its predecessor with the addition of big brother console PS3’s analogue stick design. And the title “Vita” suggests the portable will be a lifestyle accessory rather than solely a pocket games console.

Will the “PS Vita” come with features to rival the smartphone? Rumour abound already suggesting that Sony’s next offering will come with a pair of quad-core processors, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity with Bluetooth, GPS, touchscreen and front/rear cameras would make us think so.

The original PSP and its successor versions are ever-popular with the Japanese, but it seems sales are slowing down in the western world so an official word would be most –welcomed and a boost for moral regarding Sony’s pocket game franchise.

With a gaming experience which will no doubt have more widespread appeal to the serious gamer over main handheld rival Nintendo 3DS and tech to challenge some of the top smartphones, the former NGP looks built for life.

The best things in life are free – but bearing in mind the high tech and sharp spec the “PS Vita” could become costly (despite expected price cuts by Sony we’re looking at over £200) We’ll find out more at E3 if these images are anything to be believed!

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Source: Games Pundit