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Spells Of Genesis – Blockchain Gaming

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Blockchain gaming is here to stay. Since the earliest points of civilization, people have played games. It is true, Spells of Genesis is a game, but its not just a game. This game has something serious and innovative behind it. To describe the game fully will take quite a bit of explaining but that is just what we plan to do. Enjoy.

Spells of Genesis 

The app can be downloaded and installed on both android and ios. It’s also quite easy to get setup and playing within a few minutes. The first thing we suggest here is that you setup a player name for yourself. Without doing this first you will only show up as Adventurer on the leaderboard.

General playstyle

Spells of Genesis is a story driven, collectible, digital trading card game.
Each circle you see lit up on the image above is a stage in the current months campaign.
Upon selecting the first part of the campaign you will have to play through three levels to move to the next stage. You can move to each stage in the campaign as long as the stage before it has gained at least one star. Also, each campaign stage gives you the option of attempting to beat it more than once.
Each time you beat all three levels of a stage you will be reward with gold and you will progress towards the next star. Some stages can take a number of third level wins until you actually fill in a star, the amount of steps generally goes up as you move further through the campaign.

Every month the leaderboard is reset and prizes are given out depending on how to close to rank 1 you came.

In order to beat the campaign stages you need a good team!

This is where the collectible cards come into play. As mentioned previously, you gain gold on completion of three levels in a campaign stage. If you go to the shop icon on the bottom right of the game screen you will see a few options here. Cards can be bought with both gems and gold. It will only costs 100 gold to buy 1 random card, 100 gold is an easy target to reach on your first day without much issue.
The scale of purchases in game goes up to 1 epic or better card for 45 Gems There are also random special events for a random legendary card plus 1 epic. Gems are a little different to gold though, we will explain gems further below.


Ultimately you are playing against the machine unless you choose PVP (Player Vs Player).
The PVP system is quite different from other card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or Hearthstone. Once you have set your team up then it is auto added to the PVP system. Your team will defend themselves against other players without any interaction from you at all. There is no way of viewing these battles either, it is only for the enjoyment or anguish of the person playing against them. 
In the middle area of the map you will notice the PVP button, simply click it and scroll through the list of challengers. Sometimes there will simply be no challengers and you will need to wait for a challenger to appear.

The Cards

The collection of cards are something else entirely! The magical land that we are playing the game in is called Askia; much of the lore of the cards is taken straight from real world events/people involved in blockchain and cryptocoins since their inception. In this respect they are quite educational. The middle and right images below are fuses of the first card on the left. When you have 2 cards they can be upgraded in game using crystals to their maximum level, at that point they can be fused together. This can be done twice to create a quad-fused card.

This leads us nicely into the Book or orbs.

Book of Orbs

The book or Orbs is a companion app for games using bitcrystals (BCY). If you max level a quad fused card then you have the option to blockchainize it. At this point it becomes your own asset and you can move it easily between games on the bitcrystals network. One interesting thing to remember here is that it is possible to create your own cards too, we will leave that until another time though!


Spells of Genesis

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