New Tech in Home Entertainment – The Future of Your Living Room

With exciting new technology coming out at a more rapid pace than ever before it can be somewhat difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest these days. Indeed, it seems as if every week there’s a brand new television, smart phone, speaker system, tablet, etc. making the headlines.

The bottom line is, most new technology and electronic gadgets are of an extremely high quality – so most of what you see in electronics stores these days is fantastic. But, every now and then it can still be helpful to take a step back and really focus on new and exciting products specifically. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the hottest products featured at electronics stores like My Smart Buy and others.

USB Turntables

For the most part, the increased digitization of entertainment has been a very convenient and exciting development. Just think about the last time you downloaded a gaming app or song file at the touch of a button! However, it is also true that this digitization has left some of people’s favourite entertainment behind.

For example, many people have extensive vinyl record collections of wonderful music which simply can’t be played on most modern sound equipment. USB Turntables offer a solution with their ability to transfer the music from vinyl records into digital forms, to be listened to as mp3’s on mp3 players, computers, etc. Additionally, the turntables are also functional, meaning that you can use them to play records directly in addition to transferring your record music to your computer.

Sony Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player

If you’re looking for the next big thing in visual home entertainment, look no further than this smart Blu-ray player. Essentially, this device has succeeded in bringing all of your viewing entertainment needs into a single gadget. With this Blu-ray player you can connect to the Internet wirelessly, using streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc to instantly view virtually limitless content. Additionally, the Blu-ray player itself offers you the ability to play the highest definition Blu-ray films and even has 3D capabilities for those who want to step things up another notch. This is truly the hottest thing in home entertainment.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker

Home speakers have become very hot items at electronics stores, simply because smaller and more portable devices now have the capability to offer home entertainment quality sound. The Bose SoundLink Wireless Speakers are some of the best on the market in many regards, including portability, sound quality, and perhaps most importantly, compatibility. The real innovative feature here is that these are among the new crop of home speakers that can play music wirelessly through Bluetooth devices – meaning you can have command over your music without actually attaching a music playing device to the speakers.