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Tesco Hudl Cheap as Chips!

With the success of their first Hudl device, there’s little wonder why Tesco have decided to launch the second in the range. The Hudl 2 Android tablet was launched yesterday for £129. As with most new releases, this means their predecessor has a hefty discount, meaning the original Hudl has now been reduced to a bargain hunter’s delight of just £79!

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Originally retailing for £119, the Tesco Hudl is still a solid tablet for the price and has a 7 inch screen and 16GB internal storage with the potential for expansion with a built in SD slot. It also has a 1440 x 900 pixel resolution (242ppi) and runs a 1.5GHz Mali 400 quad-core processor. Fresh from the box it will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but no doubt updates will become available.

Available in a choice of four colours, black, blue, purple and red from Tesco Direct it is a suitable device for the most diverse of tastes with a minimal price too! There’s nothing stopping you using your Clubcard Boost points on the tablet or accessories either. Perfect for kids and adult alike, it would make a great Christmas present.

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However for an extra £50 you can get your hands on the newer Hudl 2 with improved specs and again great value for money. Spoilt for choice, but as Tesco say, Every little helps!

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  1. How long should my huli last. If I play games it seems to run out of charge very quickly.the longest it lasts at mo is three hours. Its hulk 1

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