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T-Mobile Vivacity launched aimed at sub-£100 mobile market

UK network T-Mobile has released its new self-branded smartphone handset aimed at the budget mobile market and its set to sit alongside Orange’s recently launched San Francisco II in the pre-Christmas under-£100 price range.

The T-Mobile Vivacity features a stylish design with tech provided by ZTE and comes running current Android standard 2.3 Gingerbread. There’s a respectable 3.5” display with an HD resolution of 800 x 480. Onboard memory is 512MB of RAM which can be boosted with MicroSD card and there’s a 5-megapixel shooter thrown in, with the gadget also featuring WiFi, GPS and an FM Radio. Specs that measure up nicely in an entry-level smartphone comparable to UK network rival Orange’s San Francisco which also went on sale this week.

T-Mobile parent company Everything Everywhere states “The T-Mobile Vivacity… offers the latest Android software, a large, high resolution touchscreen display and a stunning design – perfect for anyone looking for premium performance and great value for money.”

Budget-friendly T-Mobile Vivacity is up for grabs today free-of-charge on a £10-per-month 24-month contract or for only £99 on Pay As You Go.

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