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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 accessories

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Samsung have announced that the Note 2 has sold 3 million units in its first month – pretty good for a handset that many people unfairly rule out because ‘it’s too big!’ Today, we’ll be looking at five accessories that’ll augment and enhance the phone’s capabilities, starting with an item that completely removes the need to feel embarrassed when talking on your giant phone.

5. Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset

This Bluetooth headset is absolute quality – sound quality is excellent, battery life is good and man, is this thing comfortable. The Wave gets its name from its curved form, which wraps nicely around your ears for a secure but pressure-free fit. With a Bluetooth headset, you no longer have to bring the 5.5″ of the Galaxy Note 2 to your ear, if you feel it looks just too silly. Of course, it also means you can talk on the phone without using your hands, too.

4. Samsung MHL HDTV Adapter

This genuine Samsung product connects to your Note 2’s USB port. If you plug in both an HDMI cable and a USB cable for power into the MHL adapter, you’ll find that your phone’s screen will be mirrored on the display that the HDMI cable is plugged into. This means you can watch movies or play games on your monitor, HDTV or project, all with one little cable. As well as video, you also get audio output for that complete cinematic experience – a great way to extend the functionality of the Note 2.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Charging Cradle

This charging cradle is perfectly suited for the Note 2, providing a clean fit that elevates and conveniently positions the Note 2 so you can keep an eye on incoming notifications. While landscape mode isn’t supported (and therefore this isn’t brilliant for watching films or playing some games), the cradle does include a micro USB charging point that you can connect with a USB cable to a power source. If you connect it to a PC, you can also sync your phone as you would with a normal micro USB to USB cable too.

2. ROCK Texture Series Flip Case for Note 2

This cool case provides both protection and extra functionality to the Galaxy Note 2. The case includes a built in flip cover that turns into a stand when it’s folded onto the back, allowing you to watch movies or play games without needing to hold the phone. The case itself is top quality too, made of a model metal frame covered with soft microsuede. The case even includes a place for holding cards, so you can even leave your wallet at home (if you have only a small amount of cards!) All in all, a very cool case that’s available in three colours.

If it’s not to your taste, there are a fair amount of other Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases available on the market too – just try to find one that includes a name brand, enough protection and the functionality that you want.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Ultimate Pack

If you’re not sure what to get for your Note 2, then despair not – I’ve got just the thing. The Note 2 Ultimate Pack is a collection of six items, sold together. There are two car items  (holder and charger), two stands (portable and desk) and two protective items (case and screen protectors). This covers all the bases for most people, and is a good place to start. And due to its low price, you’ll still have money left over if you do want to spring for a premium case or dock later.


So there you have it – five excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 2 accessories (or 10 if you count the Ultimate Pack as its component pieces!). Thanks for reading the article and be sure to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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