Twitter launches “Follow” button for websites

You might have noticed a little “Follow” button appearing on some websites recently, similar to the “Like” button which shows your Facebook friends which sites you like.

Well, Twitter has decided to do much the same thing as the Facebook “Like” button, but in its own style of course. Follow buttons are popping up across the web, giving Twitter users to follow websites at the click of a button, without even having to go to the Twitter website itself.

The new Follow button joins Twitter’s other “Tweet” button, which allows users to tell their users about something they’re looking at or have read about. The Follow button merely enhances Twitter’s social network status in the World Wide Web.

Twitter’s new button takes on the likes of Facebook, Google, Digg, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Stumbleupon, prying for prime position on big websites such as IMDB.

Found the Twitter Follow button on any websites recently?