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Twitter Recap Feature Arriving Soon

Twitter is rolling out a new ‘recap’ feature called While You Were Away, which in a nutshell highlights and places the most popular Tweets from your friends at the top of your timeline when you log back in.

If Tweets are your poison, and you simply can’t be without those valuable shoutouts from friends, the system does indeed look like a big plus. However, a lot of users experiencing the feature during its limited rollout are a bit miffed at the cluttering of the top of their timeline.

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In November Twitter said that the service would be implemented with several new features designed to make the service a little more personal for users… although some tests of new features, such as Tweets from complete strangers popping up in the timeline, were met with criticism.

However, the new ‘While You Were Away’ feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, indeed it has been available for some users since early December. Twitter did announce something similar in November, saying that “Every time you open the Twitter app, you’ll see something great,” referring to both the new feature and another one, called Instant Timeline.

With both these features new users on the site should have a whole host of content to follow – indeed Instant Timeline allows newbies to see as much content as possible on their first login, with popular or trendy Tweeters appearing at the forefront of a new user’s page. Hopefully it’ll not include some of the incredibly petty arguing found on some sections of the site…

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We should all be seeing the While You Were Away feature hitting timelines as 2015 unfolds, indeed Tweets about the service are already appearing, and some users are wondering what all the fuss is about.

Essentially you should be able to stay up to date with those important Tweets you’ve missed with the new feature, as well as those hot trending celebrity arguments that are currently all the rage these days. Watch out for the future, it’ll soon be available for all at the top of that timeline.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Twitter