Unreleased Michael Jackson Album ‘Xscape’ free on Sony Xperia devices

Sony will be releasing a bunch of new songs from award-winning musician Michael Jackson on the 15th of May and the album, which will be titled Xscape, is going to be available completely free to users of Sony Xperia devices.

We’re well aware of the date (April Fools day) and we’re not trying to convince you that MJ has risen from the grave like in his groundbreaking Thriller video but despite the ‘King of Pop’ leaving us in 2009 almost five years later there is still a wealth of unreleased material from the interstellar artist yet to reach our ears. The new tracks on Xscape feature vocals that had been recorded on Sony’s recording label Epic shortly before Jackson’s passing and will surely be a treat for his legion of fans across the globe.

Sneak peeks of the music from new collection Xscape have already been heard and are receiving great early reactions from critics and fans alike and the album features contributions from producers such as Timbaland.

Sony is planning to release the full album posthumously and publically for the first time ever next month on the Xperia Lounge on the Android-based Xperia M2, M2 Dual, Z1S and Z2 smartphone and tablet.