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Upgrade Netflix Tips – Options, For A Better Way To Chill

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Upgrade Netflix to better suit you and what you want to view. No, we do not mean upgrade the app either. To really find out what you are not seeing on your app or browser, there are a few things you can do!

Upgrade Netflix Tips

So, whether you are using Netflix on a mobile app or browser on PC there are ways to improve this experience tenfold. Currently, Netflix will show you films and series based on your original questions at registration and what you have seen to date.

This is the nature of the algorithm. There are ways around this though…

Lets start the ball rolling. 
If you have family members of friends with different Netflix accounts you may have noticed that they are shown completely different titles to what you are seeing. This can be frustrating as sometimes you may want to watch something entirely different to what you normally view. Variety is the spice after all!

Without making you wait any longer, all you need do is click the link below. This link will show you everything Netflix currently has to offer on their database based on region. It also allows you to search other regions for what’s new:

New on Netflix

For a more specific search there are other options available. Therefore we have added all the useful links we could find below for your benefit:

For a list of the hidden criteria you can check out Netflix hidden codes

For an in depth search including date created among other options, check out Flixable.

Netflix Chrome Extensions

If you are using Chrome or a browser that is built on Chromium there are more options for you!

Bear in mind that these extensions will need to be installed into your browser. Some of them have privacy policies so read the fine print before installation. And don’t forget you can uninstall them if you are not happy with what they have to offer.

Thanks for reading! For other Netflix, app and device tips, check out Gadgethelpline!