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Virgin’s Project iPad magazine to become free

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Virgin’s iPad-only digital magazine, Project, is set to become a free subscription app thanks to a sponsorship deal with American Express.

Project was first launched back in November of last year, with the first edition being offered for free shortly after going on sale. Two further editions were published in January and February, priced at $2.99/£1.79 each, but Project’s fourth publication will be free.

It seems Virgin have experienced a fair few problems with their digital magazine since its launch, and perhaps sales haven’t done as well as expected either. Richard Branson and co have enlisted the help of American Express to make Project a free publication, by means of a sponsorship deal.

When you take a look at other iPad newspapers and magazines such as News Corp’s The Daily or The Financial Times, they took up the complete opposite business model with their apps. Both The Daily and The Financial Times apps for iPad were free upon release and were then switched to a fee subscription service. Perhaps Virgin got it wrong from the start?

Will you be downloading Project for your iPad now that it’s free? Let us know by leaving a comment, or drop us a message over at the official Gadget Helpline Facebook Page.

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