Virtual reality operating room

On the 14th of April, two days after this post, medical practice will change forever. The cause of this change is Virtual Reality. VR is being used for live streaming in almost every possible situation from concerts to sporting events, sky diving to mountaineering, the list is endless.

With VR being more affordable and powerful every day than it has ever been before, and a multitude of companies springing up in the field, VR is beginning to integrate itself into the mainstream consciousness at a rapid rate.

So, to explain the opening paragraph; in two days Medical Realities will be hosting the first stream of a live surgery in virtual reality. VR users will be able to watch the entire operation as if they were standing in the operating theatre.

Medical Realities will be using a 360-degree camera showing the entire operating table. Anyone wishing to view the show will be required to use the company’s app and a Google cardboard viewer, though any headset that works with smartphones will manage just as well.

As it is a live operation on a real living human being, the team involved are well aware of the risks; it is a standard tumor removal but there is always the possibility of something going awry, because of this there will be a delay to the live feed by one minute.

Medical establishments have already used VR before during surgery, now VR is being used to bring the general masses into the operating theatre to show what really goes on in the hospital day to day of saving lives.

At present nobody has been involved behind the operating doors except the patient, doctors and staff, now, thanks to VR technology, everyone can get a feel of what really goes on inside the operating theatre.