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The Walking Dead: Gadget Helpline’s Dead Good Guide to the Deceased on Your Devices!

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If you’re lucky enough to live in the States (or are web savvy enough) the longest wait in the history of television is finally over this weekend as the show returns for the continuation of it’s third season. Will Rick pull it together and lead his group of survivors to victory over the twisted Governor? Will the Brothers Dixon face off in a fight to the death? Who will be next to fall (or rise) to the zombie infection?

These are all questions we’ve wanted the answers to but the Gadget Helpline asks its readers – How far will you take your fandom? Want to know how to get the most of The Walking Dead with your technology and devices? Well we’ve got your cure right here!


Of course, your first safe zone for all news and updates on The Walking Dead online is AMC’s website dedicated to the show. This official resource is chock full of everything you will need to know about the series – past and present with sneak peeks of things to come! The Walking Dead website offers interviews with cast and crew, photos, videos and synopsis from all the episodes so far, so you’ll never be left out of the loop. You can also sign up for a regular email newsletter and take part in exciting games and contests!

Fan interaction surrounding The Walking Dead is almost as contagious as the show itself and you can guarantee a number of folks in your office will be discussing the gory details or talking about the latest exciting plot twist on Monday morning! You can take these ‘water cooler’ conversations global with the show’s official social presences online via Facebook and Twitter which allow you to share and spread your fever for The Walking Dead with people everywhere!


The last thing any of us wants is to see a virus pop up on our smartphone or tablet – that is, of course, unless it’s something cool relating to The Walking Dead! US network AMC’s Mobile app has now made it possible to follow a trivial and social commentary to compliment all the undead action, as it happens on the TV, with a update called The Walking Dead Story Sync.

As the story unfolds fans can interact with one another and participate in live polls on a second screen with their Android and Apple iOS based devices. Cool facts will also pop up on your gadget during the show offering a more visceral insight into the show!

BE WARNED that the content of the app runs live alongside the show – so if you’re using it at any other time it will likely contain those dreaded spoilers if you aren’t watching the premiere airs!

AMC Mobile app with The Walking Dead Story Sync is available from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

We’ve all questioned what we would do to survive in a ‘zombie apocalypse’ situation like in The Walking Dead – but what would happen if we didn’t make it?? Now you can find out with an official TWD app called Dead Yourself!

The app is available online through desktop or laptop computers as well as downloadable for Apple iPhone and iPad (sorry, Android fans – no port yet). If you’re familiar with the popular ‘Zombie Me’ style apps then you’ll know the score – Simply upload or take a photo of yourself and position it appropriately within the guides, save it and begin adding some seriously morbid mods!

When you’re happy you look as sick as possible you can add it to a Walker Gallery or share socially with Facebook and Twitter. Dead Yourself is fiendishly fun, takes very little time to get to grips with and doesn’t require you to go through the painful death and resurrection – Give it a try!


The Walking Dead has been adapted into an episodic survival-based video game which is now available from Telltale Games through the Playstation Network, Xbox LIVE, Windows PC and Apple iOS.

This game follows the plight of a new character named Lee Everett and features faces and themes familiar to fans of the TV show and comic book series, with characters such as Hershel Greene and family appearing in the first season of episodes. Just like The Walking Dead TV show the game has been applauded by critics for its intense and frightening story telling and takes fans on a regular rollercoaster ride of emotions. With exciting twists and a cliffhanger finale gamers are eagerly awaiting the chance to sink their teeth into a second course! 

If Telltale’s The Walking Dead game sounds a little too much for you and you’d prefer to have the safety of others watching your back we highly recommend checking out the official TWD Social Game on Facebook.

This one allows you to create a character and join up with fellow zombie outbreak survivors to plan strategies and as the description states – the only way to survive is with allies. The turn-based combat game allows you to interact not only with others on Facebook but also encounter characters from the TV show including group leader Rick Grimes. It’s great cartoon style fun and not too gruesome, so its okay way for your little monsters to enjoy The Walking Dead too!

AMC The Walking Dead Social Game is available through the Facebook App Center.

Activision has announced recently that gaming fans of The Walking Dead will soon get to step into the zombie stomping boots of popular characters the Dixon brothers – Daryl and Merle – in a new first person shooter set during early stages of the fictional outbreak!

In The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, we will play out previously unseen scenarios featuring the redneck duo as they make their way to the city of Atlanta, which viewers of the TV show will know is overrun by ‘Walkers’ Daryl and Merle will meet new characters along the way and gamer’s survival will be challenged not only by fending off the undead but also by managing their supplies and ammunition, of which there is a limited supply. To incorporate the human element, which is a focal point of the TV show, decisions made in the game will affect events to come – every action will have a consequence!

The Walking Dead’s screen actors Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker will voice the Dixons when Survival Instinct is released in March for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U consoles.


Since Season 2 of The Walking Dead was unleashed on Blu-Ray disc, the creators have been treating devoted fans to some very special collectables in which to contain the outbreak on this high definition format.

The last season was available specially packaged inside of a replica zombie head complete with a screwdriver stuck in its eye hole and Season 3 will certainly not disappoint the die-hards.

With the help of McFarlane Toys (part of Image Comics group which produces The Walking Dead in print form) it was recently announced that Season 3 will go one further and put the Blu-Rays within a cabinet of undead heads, a incredible realistic scale replica of the one seen floating in the Governor’s room – again merging entertainment with a uniquely limited edition collectable. No price or availability is listed yet but you’d have to be brain-dead not to want to own one of these box sets!


If you’re not yet familiar with the origins of this infectious phenomenon The Walking Dead comic series from Image Comics and story creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound company can be read via the Comixology app for both  Android and Apple iOS devices. The app is free to download with Issue #1 of The Walking Dead completely free. Further issues cost $1.99 with collected volumes at $9.99 and containing 6 issues each.

A new website – – will go live this Sunday timed to coincide with the television series mid-season premiere and will act as a hub for fans of The Walking Dead on all medias including comic info as well as content relating to the show and games. If you haven’t already, we recommend you check out the books as there is much within the pages which isn’t in the show and a lot more gore and violence than could possibly be contained on screen!