‘Wave’ Hoax – Don’t Microwave Your iPhone!

Hey guys, today we’re here to talk to you about this exciting new hoax from the internet. It’s called Wave and we’re excited to announce that if you’re dumb enough to put your iPhone into a microwave, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to own either an iPhone or a microwave.

The hoax, titled as ‘Wave – an iOS 8 exclusive’ attempts to convince users that the new iOS 8 update can actually allow their phone to be charged via microwaves, and very convincingly tries to trick users into microwaving their iPhone for around 90 seconds in their microwave.

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Of course, this kills the iPhone. Seriously, do we really need to tell you about this? Isn’t it obvious?

Yes, you may have seen it, heard it, laughed about it or even shared it, but just remember, there are people dumb enough out there to actually try it, see below.

The hoax claims that iOS 8’s “new drivers that interface with your device’s radio-baesband” will “become automatically activated with your update to iOS” and claims that putting the phone in the microwave for “60 seconds at 700w or 70 seconds at 800w” will charge the phone. It also warns users “Do not Wave-charge for over 300 seconds.”.

Just a warning, none of what we just said in the paragraph above is true. You cannot use ‘Wave’ to microwave charge your iPhone. Wave is a hoax, a fake, a sham to separate the people with half a brain from the people with a complete brain.

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DO NOT PUT YOUR PHONE IN THE MICROWAVE AND TURN IT ON. This will lead to your phone becoming irreparably destroyed, in the same manner as the picture above.

The picture which claims to be the announcement for Wave also looks pretty professional, having all the hallmarks of an official Apple announcement, such as the correct branding, font, and even a copyright notice at the bottom.

Do not follow the instructions on this picture, it is a hoax. Seriously, don’t. Raising awareness here, not advocating microwaving your phone. Please don’t microwave your phone…

Source: This Guy on Twitter

Via:  The Independant