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Where’s My Windows 10 PC Upgrade?

Windows 10 hit PCs in a somewhat scattered release last week, and initial figures clocked in millions of new users of the service on day one. In the aftermath of the release, which has still not bee sent out to some, several key points have been brought up about the operating system.

Microsoft stated that on the initial day of the OS being release around 14 million people manage to download and install the software, which includes up to date apps and more competitive programs when compared to the competing Mac OS from Apple.

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Microsoft have really wowed us with Windows 10 – a dedicated app store and desktop helper Cortana brings the product more into the now firmly app-oriented world of computing. the smartphone revolution fundamentally changed the way we use software – downloadable programs are now expected to be available on demand, via official channels, with automatic installation.

In the old days we had to make do with installing from dics, but Windows 10 appears to be going that extra mile to fully eliminate the need for that CD drive of yours. In fact, Microsoft managed to serve the new software mostly via the internet, with the masses of new users getting hold of it through dedicated upgrade software on older Windows versions, pipelined direct through their PC.

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You might get a prompt to upgrade like this one, which may appear when you start Windows 8.1.

If you haven’t yet managed to get hold of Windows 10, here’s a quick list of things to check for to get yourself on the way to an upgrade.

  • Is your operating system eligible?

It’s really important that you have a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 – complete with a valid license. The upgrade is served to users through these operating systems, even if you have a non-legit copy. However, pirated or dodgy versions will be sniffed out and you’ll be asked to pay once you get Windows 10. Luckily all eligible older windows versions will be automatically sent the upgrade app (see below).

  • Did you reserve Windows 10?

In order to get in the queue for a copy, you need to reserve Windows 10 through Microsoft. Once you’ve reserved the copy a download prompt will eventually appear after an unspecified time. The ‘Get Windows 10’ app can be is used for this, and it should be in your system tray with your volume icon and other bits and pieces. Click on it to get started. If it doesn’t show up, here’s how to fix the problem.

  • Have you been notified your update is ready?

Patience computer user, your update is coming – the Windows 10 free upgrade is probably the biggest global software upgrade event ever. Microsoft will notify you when they’re ready for you to upgrade, but, if you’re tech savvy and really itching to get the OS, check out the manual installation options using an official app here. If you follow the instructions properly, you can get Windows 10 without much more waiting.

More Help: Microsoft Windows 10 Help Page