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UPDATE: Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 70k Apps, WILL Get Angry Birds Space

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Microsoft’s one-stop-app-shop for Windows Phone users now packs over 70,000 apps, according to Chinese website Sina.

Although Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the figures itself, it would show a steady growth of around 10,000 new apps every month. We reported that the Windows Phone Marketplace had reached 50,000 apps back in December, and it was reported that the total reached 60,000 in January.

We’re told that over 100,000 app developers are now signed up with Microsoft’s mobile platform, producing an impressive 70,000 apps which are now available in 63 different markets. Microsoft still has a way to go of course, with Apple’s App Store toting over 500,000 apps, and Google’s recently renamed Play Store hosting around 480,000 for Android users.

The boost has no doubt been helped by several new hardware partners – ZTE, Acer, Fujitsu and Nokia – all recently releasing a host of new smartphones that use the Windows Phone 7 platform. The latter of these, Nokia, has been doing rather well with its new Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 smartphones, which have no doubt contributed to more apps added and downloaded.

Although the number of apps is rising for Windows Phone, today has brought some disappointing news for fans of the feathered-flinger Angry Birds. The only-just-released title Angry Birds Space will not be coming to Windows Phone at all, with CEO of Rovio Mobile Peter Vesterbacka confirming in an interview that the company had “no plans” to develop a version for Windows Phone.

Although Space is just one app, it’s sure to become one of the most popular games for iPhone and Android users, who are both able to download the app right now. Windows Phone users originally had to endure a pretty long wait to get the original Angry Birds title in the Marketplace, but this news is sure to disappoint.

UPDATE: In a peculiar twist just one day after Peter Vesterbacka confirmed that Angry Birds Space would not land on Windows Phone 7, the company’s CEO Mikael Hed has spoken with Reuters, confirming that they WILL be making a version for the Microsoft platform. He said that it would be a massive task, and almost the entire app would need to be rewritten for Windows Phone, but it will be happening. Good news for Windows Phone users after all.

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