Xbox 360 games supported on Microsoft Windows 8?

The latest little snippet of gossip regarding Microsoft console-to-PC crossover gaming has popped up online and this rumour suggests that with the upcoming Window 8 will bring Xbox 360 disc support.

Teknylate – a fellow tech web site – reports all Xbox 360 titles will be playable through the new operating system and that some games will be repackaged as “Windows 8 Compatible”. PC gamers will also be able to access a subscription online service akin to Xbox LIVE is these rumours are true.

Cross-platform dominance is a worthwhile ambition for the Microsoft brand, but could it potentially dissuade gamers from buying Xbox 360 when there’s an all-in-one (gaming/functional computer) option available? Motion control system Kinect is now in development for the desktop computer and a move away from just console gaming seems apparent.

If there’s life in the old girl yet, we’d think Microsoft would do better to focus on the console itself, making it more PC-like in its functions rather than move in the opposite direction. Unless of course, the strategy here is to push as much Xbox 360 content across the available platforms, heralding the arrival of the “Xbox 720” console at the E3 conference in June 2012.

The Xbox 360-to-Windows 8 crossover is expected around the same time.   

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Source: Teknylate