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Windows 8 got game! Xbox LIVE officially confirmed

Microsoft’s Windows 8 became officially released to developers yesterday evening – as did the promised Xbox 360 gaming experience on the highly-anticipated operating software for personal computers and tablets.

Director of Games Programmer at Microsoft, Larry Hryb aka “Major Nelson” dropped the news on his blog following the BUILD Conference in Los Angeles, California saying “We are confirming that we will be bringing Xbox LIVE to the PC with Xbox LIVE on Windows.”

As an Xbox LIVE account owner this move brings all your games, as well as movies, television, music and online services to the desktop or your portable pad – as we know Windows 8 is designed to function suitably on both PC and tablet. So it’ll be interesting to see how Xbox content translates to slates.

The Major leaves us on the edge: “We have much more detail to share about the capabilities of Xbox LIVE on Windows and look forward to the opportunity to do so in the near future.”

We’ve already heard the speculation that Windows 8 could potentially support console disc play as reports surfaced that all Xbox 360 titles will be playable through the new operating system and that some games will be repackaged as “Windows 8 Compatible”.

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