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ZTE Tania Video Review

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If you’ve been looking at getting a Windows Phone on a budget then we’ve got a treat for you. We’ve just reviewed Nokia’s excellent Lumia 710 on video, and now ZTE’s rival has made a star appearance on our review table.

You may not have heard of ZTE before, but rest assured they make a good gadget. You may have even encountered one of their products before, but without the ZTE brand name. The company makes several great budget smartphones as white goods, which are then branded by the likes of Orange and other networks. A great example of this is the Orange Monte Carlo, which is actually the ZTE Skate phone.

At a penny under £200 the ZTE Tania aims to bring you the Windows Phone experience with style. It’s got a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a the same resolution as the Lumia 710 (800 x 480), which means that on the Tania the image doesn’t appear quite as crisp as the smaller rival from Nokia as it’s stretched to fit a bigger screen.

A 5-Megapixel rear camera will provide you with decent quality snaps and 720p HD video recording, although as you might expect with a budget smartphone, the quality from both isn’t out of this world. Still, it’s plenty sufficient and for those quick snaps when you’re on the go it’ll do the job aptly.

Running the absolute bog-standard version of Windows Phone 7.5, the Tania is a no-frills entry into the world of Windows Phone. Although Nokia’s Lumia 710 adds some interesting and useful apps such as Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and the likes of eBay and Sky Sports, you’ll still have access to over 80,000 apps which can be downloaded to your ZTE Tania from the Marketplace.

We like the Tania and think its strong points are in the slim and stylish design and the well-sized screen. The Lumia 710 is cheaper (around £140-£150) and we feel it edges the Tania out in terms of screen quality and what you get for your money. Why not check out our video review of the Nokia Lumia 710 after the ZTE Tania and see which you prefer. Let us know which one you go for!

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