10 U.K Cities To Get “Super-Connected” in 100Mbps Broadband Roll Out

Ten U.K cities have been selected to join a £100-million pound scheme to massively increase broadband internet speeds as a starting step to making the country Europe’s “technology centre”.

British capital London will of course be included and will be joined by Irish capital Belfast, Welsh capital Cardiff and Scottish capital Edinburgh, these will later be followed by Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle in the broadband upgrade which will dwarf the national average speed of 6.8Mbps and is said to deliver “super-connected” speeds of up to 100Mbps to these heavily urbanised locations.

If you’re currently struggling with internet connection in your home, but don’t live in any of these cities – don’t fret. An additional £50-million is on its way to other regions to bolster broadband speeds a little more, but not quite as impressive as those in the more densely populated areas.

There’s currently no confirmation as to when the scheme will roll out, but the Gadget Helpline will follow the latest developments to inform our readers living in these lucky locations on when they’ll be able to enjoy super-fast browsing on their often dragging connections.

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