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What is Gadget Helpline?

A unique technical support helpline covering the top selling gadgets in the UK. Gadget Helpline gives customers instant technical support for devices in the home such as: Mobile phones, TV’s, Digital Set Top Boxes, Sat Nav, DVD Recorders, Modems, Routers, Digital Cameras, iPods, MP3 players etc.

How does it work?

Our aim is to get the Gadget Helpline number stuck on the wall in your kitchen, so that whenever you, or your family, have a problem with one of your electrical gadgets you can call us to solve it!

When you call Gadget Helpline, you’ll be put straight through to a UK based advisor who is highly trained at talking you through your gadget problems in a simple, friendly and informative manner. We offer troubleshooting and advice on using your gadgets and getting the most out of their features.

Check out our sign up page where you can get 30 days FREE. Or call 0344 499 4600 (calls charged at normal Geographic rates) and one of our agents will discuss the service with you.

If you call us with a gadget we cannot advise on straight away, we will issue you with a Special Query Number (SQN). Then within 1 working day one of our experts will call you back with the solution.

What gadgets are covered?

We offer support on a wide range of gadgets including:

All Smartphones
Tablets and iPads
Digital Cameras
Games Consoles
DVD and Blu-Ray Players
Smartwatches and Wearable tech
Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media boxes
DAB Radios
Satnav and GPS Systems
MP3 Players and Portable Media Players
Digital Video Cameras
Flatscreen and Smart Televisions
Computers and Laptops (setup only)

We aim to keep the top 50 gadgets in the UK covered at all times from the latest smart phones and games consoles to the latest Sat Nav systems, plus we offer initial out-of-the-box PC support and setup. So if you, or you family, have a problem with one of your electrical gadgets you can call us to solve it.


Over the phone Technical Support – Our team are a UK based team of gadget lovers who offer unbiased technical support for most household Gadgets

Email Support – We all have busy lives to tend to, so why not email your queries to us?

Software and Download Support – Need someone to show you how to do something on your PC?  Well with our remote access tools we can remotely control your PC and show you step by step how to use your new gadget.

GadgetHelpline.com – Our news, hints, tips and reviews website geared towards getting the latest Gadget information to the public.