Over 100 million Samsung Galaxy S devices have been sold to date

Samsung’s increasingly popular Galaxy S range has just reached a total global sales landmark of 100 million units sold, which is somewhat astonishing.

Since the launch of the original Galaxy S smartphone in February 2010 Samsung’s popularity has skyrocketed in the mobile space, with sales figures picking up pace with each new generation of phone launched. In just two years and seven months, 100 million devices have been sold worldwide.

That number has been reached in record time thanks to the Korean company’s most recent device, the Galaxy SIII, which has attributed a stonking 40 million sales in just seven months. The original Galaxy S hit the 10 million sales mark in just under a year. The Galaxy SII signalled Samsung’s real break in the mobile market, with 40 million handsets sold in 20 months.

On average Samsung says it sells around 190,000 Galaxy S phones worldwide every single day.

Thoughts are now turning towards Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S smartphone, which is expected to launch around March/April time this year. The company has become very adept at keeping its products well under wraps, and so all we have to go on for now is rumour. The current crop of rumours suggests an Octa-core processor, 13-megapixel rear camera and 2GB of RAM, but we’ll need to wait to see what Sammy has in store for us.