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10-inch Amazon tablet to bring free streaming movies?

Amazon look set to continue the success of its Kindle eReader by launching a full colour tablet – if rumour is to be believed – in the near future, with further word slipping out that the gadget will now support streaming movies.

Streaming movies coming to Android-powered Kindle tablet?

A consumer research company has made this latest claim, suggesting Amazon’s own free streaming movie service will be coming to a tablet near you very soon through the gadget expected to be called “Hollywood” – a name which may suggest that the rumour could in fact be true.

Speculation currently suggests that the 10-inch tablet (a 4” step up from current Kindle model) will feature Google platform Android Honeycomb, access to the app store and Cloud Locker – also the fully stocked Kindle books library

Expect “Hollywood” to arrive in stores towards the end of the year, with Amazon’s streaming movie service on board, free-of-charge, from the tablet’s launch.

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