3 Live-Action Star Wars TV Shows Planned for Netflix? The Rumours Awaken

The possibility of there ever being a live-action Star Wars TV show has been almost as talked about as the possibility of a Boba Fett comeback tour but with Episode VI: The Force Awakens releasing later this year there may actually be a new hope for the idea thanks to Netflix.

In fact, news surfacing this week from the sarlaac pit / online rumour mill suggests that not one, but three Galaxy Far, Far Away-based episodic and interconnected series could be brought exclusively to the online streaming service. There’s absolutely no official confirmation on this and we share this information with a large pinch of salt but there’s also no reason whatsoever why we should not be optimistic.

Consider this –

Disney has owned LucasFilm, the production company behind the Star Wars saga (and founded by the visionary George) since 2013 and in that time the company’s ties with Netflix have been well-documented. The Force is strong with this alliance.

A number of Disney’s animated classics and original programming now find their place in the vast Netflix library and another of Disney’s acquisitions, Marvel Studios was recently able to bring life to cult character Daredevil in a critically acclaimed 13 episode series with four more tie-in superhero shows in the works.

Netflix is also the streaming home of all six seasons of Star Wars animated show The Clone Wars in the United States, so much of the audience is already there.

Image Source: hammerfistclan.com

With all this in mind it’s easy to see why Netflix would be the most obvious destination for a Star Wars TV series to touch down. Yes, it would isolate a small fraction of fans which don’t currently buy in to the on-demand platform but should in turn encourage more viewers to subscribe to Netflix to get their fix.

Even if the rumours get shot down, there’s still plenty of Star Wars to look forward to in the next five years, including Episodes VII, VIII and IX as well as three spin-off Anthology movies.
In other Star Wars on-demand news, the full six episode saga has now arrived on Now TV as part of the Sky Movies subscription package.