Android 4.4.2 update arrives for Galaxy S4 and Note 3 in the UK

Right on time, the new Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ software update has started to appear on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 phones in the UK.

The update, better known as ‘KitKat’, is the newest version of the Android operating system for smartphones and tablets. Samsung has started to roll out the new software, taking it to unlocked, SIM-free versions of its best-selling two phones in the UK first. This means that anyone who bought an S4 or Note 3 outright are likely to be first in line to update to the new software, whilst network-locked phones will join in at a later date.

Sizing up at 300-400MB, the update is considerably kinder on your broadband than Apple’s iOS 7.1 update, which arrived earlier this week to hog a whopping 1.9GB of internal memory on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. As long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection you should be able to download the update in around 20 minutes, so it’s not an arduous task.

Once you have the software installed you’ll find yourself using the speedy Android 4.4.2 OS, along with Samsung’s newest version of the TouchWiz user interface. Just like the HTC One’s 4.4 update, 4.4.2 for the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 brings in a selection of minor graphical changes including the clear notification bar at the top, white battery and network icons and more. You’ll also get the standard 4.4 additions, including support for cloud printing and the option to choose which app is used for messaging, allowing you to use Google Hangouts or an alternative.

Samsung has also added some new features, such as a new ‘immersive’ mode for certain apps which takes things to full screen, maximising the content on display. Furthermore, if you’re playing music then the album art will be displayed in full on the lock screen alongside a new camera shortcut. Samsung also says it improved stability, the onscreen keyboard and the user interface overall with the 4.4.2 update.

If you’ve got an unlocked Galaxy S4 or Note 3 then why not check for the update now by going to Settings > General > About device > Software Update.