5G Eyewear – Skip The Phone Go Straight To Visuals?

5G eyewear will be real, this is not clickbait or a joke by any stretch of the imagination.

With the understanding that 5G allows for much higher throughput of data, the content quality can also be much higher.  With this in mind we can enter augmentation and virtual environments. 4G and our trusty smartphones, though great for many reasons are not really the powerhouses required for this transcendence of tech.

So, although it can be argued  these devices can be used as the processing backbone of  future gadgetry. The likelihood is that they wont be the power behind them. Why will we need a large device in our pockets when we could be looking through sunglasses at every app visualisation directly in front of us? In thin air so to speak.

All we will actually require in our pocket is a processing unit that has some kind of source of power. This unit will of course need to connect wirelessly in some form or another. This PCPU (Pocket Central Processing Unit) will probably have some way of generating its own power through smart clothing. In essence, your kinetic movements could power it.

5G Eyewear

Your options here are going to be quite extensive. You could try an eye contact device such as the one being developed by Mojo Vision. These contact lenses are exactly what augmented reality is about. The site explains very well the devices possibilities which are extensive.

You could also try glasses. There are already basic versions of these available today. Most are Heads up displays (HUDS’s) though.

We will go all out here in predicting most phone manufacturers will switch to visual devices. They may also accompany these with a pocket device for all the processing in the background. It is more likely though that some company will corner the market with the PCPU. It will then be this device that will connect with all other eye products out there.

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