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Acer’s New Aspire M3 Ultrabook Can Play Battlefield 3 on Highest Settings

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Acer has a new ultrabook computer on the way, and it plans to become a world-first when it launches later this month. The Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG is set to become the first ever ultrabook with dedicated graphics, making it capable of playing the latest video games with relative ease.

Ultrabooks have been around for a while now, offering a super-thin Windows-based alternative to Apple’s Macbook Air. The aim of the ultrabook is to be as slim, lightweight and portable as possible, and to do this many manufacturers have forgone power in the graphics department, opting for onboard graphics rather than a dedicated chip. Acer plans to buck the trend by launching the Aspire M3, which has Nvidia’s new GT 640M ‘Kepler’ GPU.

Nvidia has been working on the chip for a while, and says it has the raw power to play the latest video games, such as Battlefield 3, on full whack. With Battlefield 3, this means Acer’s new ultrabook will be able to play it on the ‘Ultra Detail’ setting, with no visible lag in frame rates. The M3’s maximum screen resolution is 1366 x 768, which Nvidia is confident its GPU is capable of outputting, even on maximum settings.

Despite boasting the most powerful graphics performance from an ultrabook, Acer’s new offering still packs a punch in the battery department, lasting up to 8 hours from a single charge.

Considering the Aspire M3 is just 20mm thick, Acer has managed to cram in the latest graphics technology, a big battery and even an optical CD drive. The latter is usually omitted from Ultrabooks to ensure they’re as thin as possible, so this model is going to sacrifice rivalling the Macbook Air for thinness, opting for a combo of power and style instead.

Asides from the dedicated graphics, the M3 can be configured to your taste in each department. A 15.6-inch screen is standard, while RAM goes up to 6GB and the top processor is an Intel Core i7-2637M with either a 500GB hybrid HDD, or a speedier 256GB SSD.

We expect the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 to launch later this month, for a currently undisclosed price.

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