Adiantum – What is it? Why use it? Will it affect you?

Adiantum encryption? No this is not a cage for keeping a feral Wolverine in. Adiantum is actually Googles latest version of something that has been around, at least since the early 2000’s.


Encryption is quite a complicated subject. We will not be delving into every facet today but what it should mean to you is privacy. Privacy and safe personal data.

Why is this important though? Especially if you have nothing to hide, whats the big deal?

The big deal is that your personal business should apply to nobody else but yourself. By using anything lacking encryption you may as well be spray-painting your date of birth, bank account details and any other juicy tidbits/closet skeletons across the front wall of your home.

One of the questions that regularly pop up at is:

Who would want my information?

Just about every major tech corporation out there can benefit from knowing all these ins and outs of your personal life. 

Make no mistake, the reason sites such as Facebook are in such hot water of late is probably due to what seems to be a complete lack of respect for users personal data. Facebook are almost definitely not alone in this area.

Also, as we begin to steadily creep into 2019 the landscape is changing a little; this will be the year of big data. The more you know about an entity the more you can extract or manipulate for personal benefit.


Adiantum is specifically designed for small devices that do not have the processing components to encrypt the device internally.

This will apply to a large number of iot (internet of things) devices. It will also help with a number of smaller, entry-level Android Go phones that do not have the necessary components for encrypted storage.

with this release Google are definitely aiming to be ahead of the curve as the next wave of internet users begin to stir.

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