New US Advert for Kindle & Kindle Fire Pokes Fun at Pricey Apple iPad

The latest US promo clip for Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Fire media tablets have taken a playful jab at high-end gadget, the iPad – claiming that three Kindles could be bought for the same price as one original model Apple tablet.

Calling out the Apple tablet, Amazon sets the scene at the poolside where a woman is reading the latest bestseller via her Amazon eReader. A fellow tries his luck with the lady by identifying the gadget as the new Kindle costing $79 and boasting that his tablet, an iPad, can do stuff hers can’t – such as watching movies and surfing the web.

The Kindle-loving lady gestures over to her two children who are both playing with a Kindle Fire media tablet, a device costing around $199 in the States. “Three Kindles?” the man remarks “that’s got to be expensive” – the woman responds to this with “Together their still less than that” nodding towards the iPad in the gent’s hand. On discovering the feisty female has a husband, the guy retreats with tail between legs and it’s a resounding win for Kindle.

It’s a cheap shot at the expensive gadget, but a highly amusing one for those of us who aren’t Apple acolytes and who believe that paying less than £200 for a tablet is more than acceptable. On the other hand, the Apple tech is, of course, far superior to both Amazon offerings and we Brits do get famously ripped-off with our latest version of the classic Kindle – the reader costing almost double what it does in the US at around £89 (that’s around $140 for a $79 gadget!)

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