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Advertisers Reading Our Thoughts?

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Thought based advertising, yes its amazing tech albeit not a very pleasant thought. Advertisers using your thoughts to focus their sales strategy is obviously not quite where we are at currently. A possible future though right?

With the advancements in brain computer interfaces, the tech is moving not only towards better mixed reality (VR and AR) experiences, it has also garnered the attention of marketers and advertisers.

We originally wrote about Neurable back in 2017

Since then Neurable have been busy. Their product is still being developed but they now have some heavyweight lifting behind their efforts.

Our technology is impactful across a wide variety of AR/VR use cases, from gaming and entertainment, to health and wellness, to work and productivity.


Neurable have partnered with Vectorform, yes not a client but a partner. Our guess is that they are very interested to include Neurables SDK and API in their development arsenal.

One popular category is neurofeedback, which monitors the brain during periods of concentrated activity (such as exercise or meditation) to help users understand and refine their mental state. Other applications of neurotechnology under investigation include education, marketing, entertainment, and sleep therapy, among others.

The Vectorform team focuses on inventing and envisioning futures that will require certain components such as apps. They then create these apps for their clients. They have produced apps such as the Jeep social media platform and World of Red Bull, for example.

The company offers human and data sciences, business transformation, social, mobile, analytics, and cloud services. Vectorform already have many clients. Some of their clients you are definitely, already aware of and are global names.

Thought Advertising

Finally, the unfortunate need to speak to people in stores will soon be a thing of history! We jest of course. Here are a few possible futures to digest:

With the ‘think n shop’ scanners in place, all consumers need do is choose a product. It will then be delivered to their home, or, if small enough, will be presented to the customer upon leaving the store. (applies if any brick and mortar stores are left)

Feel like a drink? No apps needed here, all you have to do is think of the drink that you fancy and it will be served by the bar/cafe bot.

With no words being spoken, retail and catering establishments will become something akin to libraries. People quietly walking in, grabbing what they want and walking off again or just taking a seat privately. 

It will increase productivity.

Advertisers leveraging bio-signals from the eyes and brain.

With a simple glance/thought your vehicle/home entertainment can respond to your needs instantly.

Allow the elderly and infirm to complete tasks that would have been almost impossible previously.

There are an infinite number of possibilites where thought is concerned. 

We will be watching with interest to see how this partnership unfolds!