After much rumour and speculation, Amazon has pressed the big green ‘go’ button on its Android Appstore in the US. The store, which can be accessed either via web browser or dedicated Android app, will aim to take much of the software purchasing focus away from Google’s proprietry mobile app service, the Android ‘Market’.

For users this is no bad thing. For a start, Amazon’s clout means that there’ll be a variety of app deals to entice users onto its store. One of which is a free app (that would otherwise be paid-for) each day. Today’s US launch has brought users Angry Birds Rio, for example – which will shoot up to $0.99 tomorrow.

There’s also a 30-minute app ‘test drive’ on offer, in which you can trial an app for half an hour before purchase. There’s currently no word form Amazon on when the Appstore will launch for Android users in the UK, but we’ll keep you posted. As always, let us know your thoughts on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.