Amazon Kindle 3 software update: version 3.3 adds new features

If you’ve only recently bought an Amazon Kindle, you might be a little bit disappointed to see that the company is launching a slew of new devices. The Kindle Touch and new Kindle have superseded the current model, but fear not: Amazon’s committed to keeping the one in your bag updated.

Not only are Amazon still selling the Kindle 3 (now named the Kindle Keyboard), but it’s also just fired out a software update to keep it up to date with the newer models. Version 3.3 of the Kindle’s operating software should arrive as soon as you next awake it, bringing a couple of new features.

Chief among these is the integration of Amazon’s cloud services. This means that the Kindle’s archive of documents and books will be better at remembering where you are and also effectively ups the storage of your device, since all of your books can be stored on Amazon’s servers rather than on the Kindle itself.

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