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Amazon Kindle eReader now available $25 cheaper for ad-sponsored version

Kindle from Amazon is now available as an ad-supported version for a slightly knocked down price of $114. That’s a twenty-five dollar price slash from the existing ad-free version of the bookworm’s favourite gadget.

The Kindle is a dedicated eReader device with WiFi which allows readers to search for, browse, purchase and download a large range of digital books, top world newspapers and popular magazines directly to the device – and has up until now been available ad-free for $139.

Ads and banners will feature on the 6” Kindle Wireless Reading Device “with Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers” with current advertisers including Proctor & Gamble, Visa and Buick. Amazon will also be pushing their own deals and services in the ad boxes appearing at the bottom of the display.

All features and functions are the same as the slightly pricier counterpart and ads will obviously be compulsory on the sponsored version to make way for the price-drop, but Amazon is kindly offering readers the option to choose which ads appear using a feature called “AdMash”.

Pre-orders are being taken through Amazon now and the cut-priced Kindle will be shipped in the US on 3rd of May.

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