Amazon Kindle new review

New Amazon Kindle vs. Kindle Keyboard 3G Comparisons and Review Video

In the latest in our Gadget Helpline Video series we’ve got our hands on the New Amazon Kindle (smaller, QWERTY keyboard-free version) and give our thoughts and feelings on the latest Kindle device.

We have also got out our original and newly renamed Amazon Kindle Keyboard (or third gen for those in the U.S.), and ran through a couple of the major changes in the two devices, including the size and button layout, new controls, old features vs. new features and to give you a taste of how the new Kindle sizes up against the older Kindle Keyboard.

Amazon announced the new smaller and cheaper Kindle Reader back at the end of September, with the keyboard removed. It’s 18% smaller than the current range of Kindle Readers and is 30% lighter too.

The new Kindle is also considerably cheaper, coming in at £89.99, but for this price you get a smaller memory (up to 1400 eBooks can be held instead of 3500 on the Kindle Keyboard) and a smaller battery life, but what the new Kindle does have is a 10% faster page turning time and is said to be the most advanced E-Ink screen to date.

Check out the video for more information and to see the Kindle in action!

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