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Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Could Launch in the UK January 2012

Amazon may be planning to launch its Kindle Fire Tablet in the UK as early as January next year, bringing a serious contender to the tablet market here.

Know Your Mobile reports that the online giant has plans in place to bring its first tablet device to the UK early next year, likely during January. Their source is reportedly “close to the launch”.

Amazon announced the tablet back in September and recently launched it in the U.S on November 15th. Ever since its announcement the tablet has been blowing up quite a storm in the tech world, with a wide range of very different reviews on the device coming out as well as some interesting hacks that can be used to add extra functionality to the tablet.

When Amazon launched the device, they were keen to let us know that it would only be available in the states for the time being, with no mention of a release schedule for anywhere else in the world. However, if Know Your Mobile’s source is on the money, we could be playing with Fire sooner than we expected.

The Kindle Fire will be priced very competitively for a UK launch, just as it is in the UK. At just $199 U.S customers are getting a pretty good bargain, but despite the exchange rate dictating a cheaper price in the UK, we expect it to land for £199 – effectively giving us Brits a bit of a bum deal, but hey; we love to complain, right?

With 7-inches of screen, no physical buttons and a slim black form factor, many have likened the Kindle Fire to the style of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet. It features a highly customised version of Google’s Android operating system, with a host of Amazon’s media services available from the off. Kindle books, movie and tv show rentals and MP3 downloads are there at the touch of a button.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the Kindle Fire and its UK landing, so be sure to check back for the latest.

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Source: Know Your Mobile