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Amazon Launches Kindle for Kids Bundle for $99

Amazon has launched a Kindle E-reader package aimed specifically at youngsters that focuses on ‘book time’ – not ‘screen time’.

The Kindle for Kids Bundle costs $99 and consists of the latest entry-level e-paper reader with 6-inch touchscreen display and weighing in at only 191 grams, offering functionality and portability for little hands. The package also includes a protective cover in choice of bright colours that adds very little weight to the Kindle and thrown in is an extended 2-year warranty to cover for any accidents that might occur, because as Amazon understands sometimes ‘Oops’ happens.

The Kindle device itself holds 4GB worth of books downloadable from the Amazon store wirelessly through a home Wi-Fi connection with 250,000 plus kid-friendly titles available and there’s free cloud storage offered to owner’s too should they ever max the device’s own storage capacity.

Through USB charging the device can be ready to go in four hours with a full charge said to last for 4 weeks, based on half hour reading per day and without wireless in use (for example downloading or reading stored books from the cloud).

A range of kiddie-centric software features are on offer as well to give incentives and keep it fun, such as achievement tracking and vocabulary builder which helps kids conquer those daunting big words. Parents can also filter the content their younglings have access to while having piece of mind that they’re not using tech to blister brain cells by blasting away on addictive app games like Clash of Clans. Another of Amazon’s points of sale on the Kindle for Kids Bundle is that it comes approved by the American Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Overall the Kindle for Kids Bundle offers a $39.98 saving on the sum of its parts – but is currently available Stateside only. For all the details check out product page on Amazon.