Android Google Search Now Supports Music Apps

Google does make the best, most comprehensive search engine in the world. The uses of the engine and the technology behind it are staggering, from offering advertisements to indexing most of the internet for more convenient access. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that Android customers should use Google to find the music they want, since it’s one of their products.

Android mobile devices will soon see a feature that allows them to perform a Google search for a song and instantly play it from the search result right there on the phone without opening any new windows or navigating to another web page. liknnnn This works in a similar way to how Youtube videos play on current and PC versions, but there’s a few more surprises.

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Top search results will now give the user the ability to open and play the song they’ve searched through one of their currently installed music apps, such as Spotify, which by the way now has 40 Million active monthly users. Additionally, artist profiles and bios will be displayed along with a list of the apps available to use. Google aims for their web search app to be a hub for finding music worldwide, promising integration even for services local to other countries, such as the French service Deezer.

“When you look up musicians and bands on Google, you often want to play their songs right away. Say you’re curious about your favorite pop artist’s latest hits, or you’re with friends chatting about the newest indie rock group and want to play some of their music,” Google posted on their blog on Friday. “We hope all this makes finding and exploring artists and music on Google more fun now that you can listen to the music right away.”

Current services only really serve the US, with supported services for Google search results limited to just 6 services; Google Play, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Rdio, Spotify, and TuneIn. But Google wants to change that. The decision to unlock this feature for every service is a nice gesture to up and coming, indie, or startup services trying to get noticed, as the services can highlight the fact that they appear on Google search results on Android, making them appear more advanced without having to do any additional work. Now that’s handy.

The update will roll out soon on an international basis. Check for updates on your Android device now!

Source: Google